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If you think Young Troubled Minds hasn't been releasing new material you've definitely been sleeping. Pro of YTM released 4 new singles with 4 very unique styles. Listen to the tracks in this order to pick up on the story; Tight Squeeze, Splenda, Morphine, Process

Tight Squeeze is the start of Pro’s mini saga where he talks about being involved with someone who he is unsure of their loyalty. It’s at this point that you can see him become very introspective and begin to over analyze the various aspects of his life.

Splenda is the precursor to Morphine. It almost seems as if Pro is trying to numb the pain he is feeling with the vices of life only to realize he may be forcing himself farther down the rabbit hole.

Morphine ft. Dear Scott is a record that talks about Pro’s recent love encounters and how although he may still be involved with people physically lately he's been very absent-minded.

Process is a pretty self explanatory record. It explains why all Young Troubled Minds can withstand the test of time.

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