Energy In Motion

Have you heard the Young Troubled Minds latest album "Energy in Motion"? You can find all the lyrics here:

Energy In Motion

Ayu's thoughts: There is always more than what lies on the surface.  Become immersed in a world of highs and lows.

Pro's thoughts: the album is an out of body experience as the listener revisits the moments, feelings and memories that make us human. 

Energy In Motion Quotes: 

In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. --- Theodore Roosevelt

Doing nothing accomplishes nothing. If you're looking to change, that's not the way to go. And just going through the motions accomplishes something but... To really experience change to the fullest extent, you need to allow yourself to move out and through it, meaning you have to experience the emotions.

Energy is constantly moving, regardless of whether we are consciously aware of its movement in our life, including when we feel stuck. It is not possible for energy to be still, just as it is not possible for us to consciously stop breathing (we can until we pass out and then our body will begin breathing by itself). The movement of energy can be known on different levels but the one we are most aware of is the heart center, because that is how we feel.

Our entire experience of the third dimension is through feeling and this is how we use the energy, to make us ‘feel’ something, how we judge the energy and our connection to it, and how we assess our power, by whether we can change our feelings. But no matter how complicated we make the process, we are just working with energy.

Emotion is not a feeling; it is the movement of energy which is the quality it expresses in the third dimension.

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